You can now apply for one of our properties via our website. There are 3 options for you to choose from and this does depend on your circumstances.

Tenant Application with full reference: This application pack is for those who are in full time work and wish to apply for a property without a guarantor. You will need to be working in the UK. The deposit required for the tenant application with full reference would be 1.5x the monthly rental income

Tenant Application Prepaid: This application pack is for applicants who do not work in the UK and are not UK residents, you may be here studying for a period of time and wish to rent a property for you stay. The deposit required for the tenant application prepaid would be 3x the monthly rent

Tenant Application form with Guarantor: This application pack is for applicants who have a UK based guarantor who is willing to guarantee the rent if the applicant fails to pay there rent. The guarantor will need to also fill in the form at the bottom of the Tenants page name Guarantor Form. The deposit required for a tenant application form with guarantor  is 2x the monthly rent

If a property allows pets you will also be required to pay a higher deposit. Please contact the office to see if a specific property allows pets and what the requirements of the deposit are.

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