Tenant Application Full Reference, Guarantor and Right to Rent

This Application Form must be completed before we can process your Application to Rent. The Lead Tenant only will need to sign the section, on behalf of all the applicants/tenants). This Application Form also explains the process before signing your Tenancy Agreement, it is read in conjunction with your tenancy agreement and plays part of your tenancy agreement.
  • Address of Property you are applying for:

  • Tenant Details (Lead Tenant)

  • Other Tenants

  • Right to Rent. Before we are able to sign a Tenancy Agreement with you, we are required by Law to obtain proof of identity. We also ask you to provide evidence of your right to remain in the UK. It will therefore be necessary for us to see and copy your current Passport/European ID and Visa Page of your Passport or Biometric Residence Permit, if applicable. We must see original documents with the Applicant together. All information we hold on you is confidential and protected under the “Data Protection Act 1998”.

    1. Once You Pay your Full Deposit to us, your Agent
    2. We will submit and protect your Deposit with the DPS within 30 Days
    3. Your Agent will provide the DPS with your Details
    4. The DPS will send you confirmation with your Repayment ID

    TENANTS AT MEADE HOUSE, WATSON HOUSE, GREAT NORTHERN ROAD & HOMERTON COLLEGE PROPERTIES will also need to pay a Heating & Hot Water Deposit of £250.00, to cover your Final Bill. These bills are sent to the Tenant as soon as the Landlord receives them. There may also be some compulsory cleaning fees that apply.

    Lloyds TSB
    Account Number: 23831460
    Sort Code: 30-91-74
    IBAN No: GB07LOYD 30917423831460
    SWIFT Code: LOYDGB21206
  • Check-In and Hand over of Keys:
    Check-in is processed at our Office between 12:00pm – 4:00pm.
    At the Check in, the Tenants will be provided with a Full set of Keys to the Property and a “Welcome Pack”, giving useful information about the Property.
  • Check Out: End of the Tenancy:
    Check-out is processed at the property between 9am – 12 midday
    EPS Properties will send a letter confirming the details of your Check Out.
    The check-out fee will be deducted from your Deposit
    You must contact the Inventory Company directly if you require a specific time.
    Email: lisa.philp@charlesjharrison.co.uk
  • Tenancy Agreement: A Draft Tenancy Agreement will be available for inspection prior to signing the Tenancy Agreement. The Tenancy Agreement is first singed by the tenant then the Agent (on behalf of the landlord), but cannot be signed until we have all your references returned and Your deposit protected.
  • Tenants Contents Insurance: It is highly recommended that all Tenants have an insurance, to cover their own personal items (with accidental damage), so that if the unfortunate happens the Landlord/Agent will and cannot be held liable for your loss. Please ask if you require further information.
  • Property Miss Descriptions Act:
    Every effort has been made to ensure that the information you have been given, about the Property for which you are making an Application for, is correct. If there are any items which you are not sure about you must ask.
    Rent Review – Housing Act 1988 Section 13:
    The Landlord can propose a new Rent under Section 13 – However, this must be a reasonable Rent Review and this must be proposed at least 52 Weeks from the Date on which the Rent was last increased. However, the Landlord can propose a Rent Review earlier on a new Tenancy Start Date.
    White Goods in Unfurnished Accommodation:
    In some unfurnished accommodation, the Landlord provides white goods. As a general rule, other than on a Landlords’ specific instructions, if these become uneconomic to repair they will not be replaced and will be removed from the Property.
  • Inventory of Fixtures and Fittings/Furniture: The Inventory Company will independently prepare your Check-in and Check-out Inventories. Your Check-in Inventory will be sent directly to you from the Inventory Company, by email, within 48 hours of your Check-in. The Lead Tenant will receive a text alert regarding this. Tenants should carefully check the condition of the Property against the Inventory. If the Tenant has any comments to make, these can be added on line and the Agent will receive notification. You have 7 days to make any comments. If the tenant does not make any comments within the 7-day deadline, then the Inventory will be deemed to be correct in every detail. Your Check-in Inventory will be compared to your Check-out Inventory at the end of your Tenancy Term.
  • Quarterly Property Visits:
    EPS Properties carries out quarterly Property Visits on all managed properties, which form part of our obligation to our Landlords. On Check in you will be informed of the approximate Date of your First Quarterly Property Visit and thereafter you will be informed at least a month in advance. Tenants do not need to be present on the day of the Visit. The Tenant will be informed at least 24 hours in advance of any persons entering the property.
    All Maintenance Issues must be reported as soon as possible to EPS Properties by email. A Tenant has an implied covenant to act in a “tenant-like manner”. Broadly, this means to report disrepair promptly; to take reasonable steps to ensure that neither the Tenant nor Guests damage the Property, its fixtures nor fittings; to do the minor day to day things any home-occupier would normally do, e.g. replace light bulbs, fit a new battery in a smoke detector, tighten an odd screw which has come loose on a door handle etc.; to keep the property reasonably warm and aired to help prevent condensation or freezing of pipes; to leave the property secure when absent from it; to keep the garden and other areas reasonably tidy and free from rubbish. The Landlord will maintain the services of the Building.
  • Early Surrender of Tenancy
    A Tenancy Agreement is a fixed term Contract and is therefore a Legally Binding Document for the set term which you have agreed and signed. This cannot be ended before the expiration of the fixed period. However, if the Tenant has to leave the Property and Surrender the Tenancy Agreement earlier than this date, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Agent will take instructions from the Landlord.
  • Expiration of the Tenancy:
    Two months before the Tenancy Agreement is due to end, EPS Properties may write a Renewal Offer letter to the Tenant, to ask whether they wish to Renew their Tenancy, unless the Property is no longer available to be Let by the Landlord. The Tenant must reply to EPS Properties in writing, to confirm if they wish to Renew or not, within 5 days of receiving the Offer Letter.
  • Please Note we DO NOT offer Periodic Tenancies (Monthly Roll on). We offer Renewals with a Minimum 6 Month Period Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.

  • Cancellations & Refunds:
    If you cancel your application and withdraw from the process at any time, please note the Reference fee is non-refundable, the Application fee is non-refundable. We will refund your holding deposit.

    Complaints procedure
    EPS Properties aims to provide a high level of service at all times, but if you have a complaint against EPS Properties - please contact the Office for a copy of our Complaints Procedure.
    EPS Properties is a Member of the TPO (The Property Ombudsman) and any concerns can be directed to them.
  • Utilities: Gas, Electric, Water and Council Tax:
    Details of your utility providers will be included in your Welcome Pack. Your meter readings will be included in your Check-in Inventory. It is the Tenant’s sole responsibility to arrange these services and open up Accounts, including the Council Tax, TV Licence and Internet and all the utility providers.

    Will do all this for you, they will inform each utility provider and local council of your tenancy details. They will only use your information for this purpose. They may contact you by text/email to send you confirmation or further information. Tenant Shop Ltd is fully compliant with the data protection act 1998 and a registered member of the ICO. Reg No: Z305733X
  • Agreement Sign

  • We confirm that we are making an Application for the above Property, which we have viewed. We have read and understood this Application Form in full.

  • Guarantors Information

  • Full Reference Application Form

    Asterisks (*) indicate a field is mandatory.
  • Address of property, the applicants are applying for

  • Tenancy Details

  • Applicant's Contact Details

  • (If your name has changed in the last 12 months)
  • Applicant's Current Address Details

    If 'Tenant', please complete the section titled 'Landlord / Agency Details' below.
  • Landlord / Agency Details of your Current Address

    If you are currently a Tenant.
  • Fill in this field if you have selected 'Other' above
  • (if you have further income sources, please specify these in Additional Information below)
  • Identification

  • (e.g. passport, driving license, etc)
  • Authorisation

  • I confirm that the information provided in this application form is true, accurate and complete. I understand that the information that I have submitted will be used in order to assess my suitability to be granted a tenancy agreement and I give my consent to the information that I have provided being shared with third parties for this purpose. I understand and agree that current or former employers, landlords and letting agents may be asked to provide additional information about me or to verify information that I have provided. I further agree that the information that I have provided may be submitted to credit reference agencies in order that a credit check may be conducted. I expressly acknowledge that authorising searches to be conducted and references obtained does not entitle me to see such searches or references and agree that I will direct any request for copies of searches or references to the relevant originating party and not to Rent4sure Limited. I understand that I may be refused a tenancy as a result of the searches and references obtained and agree that I shall not seek to hold Rent4sure Limited liable for such refusal nor shall I seek to bring any claim against Rent4sure Limited for any loss or damage suffered by me as a result of such refusal. I understand that information which I provide or which is collected about me may be retained on file or stored electronically in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. I do / do not want Rent4sure Limited, or their partner companies (e.g. Intasure), to contact me about related products and services which may be of interest to me, such as Tenants Contents Insurance.
  • If you need to provide any previous addresses, names, credit history or other credentials please describe them below.

  • (As on passport)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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